Hey there! 

My name is Darren Robbie (sometimes known as Chopsy) - I direct & make animation films & commercials (with a bit of design & sculpting thrown in) - Bristol UK based but available to work most places. 

I’ve been in the animation industry for 20 years now, & 14 years working as a director. I started my career as an animator at Aardman Animations in the UK, working as one of the leads on ‘Chicken Run’, before becoming staff director in the commercials dept (eventually spending 16 years at Aardman); setting up Chopsy Animation; working as commercials director at LUMA London; & animation/guest episode director at BrownBag Films on the TV series ‘Doc McStuffins’.

I’ve directed & designed successful & high-profile commercials, in a variety of different techniques & styles, (overseeing all aspects of jobs from first concept to client delivery) as well as working on music videos, short films, animated feature films & TV series.

I’m passionate about making awesome animation & aim to bring that passion to whatever comes my way at Chopsy! 


Clients have included:

Get in contact if you want to collaborate on something cool - whether it’s for advertising, broadcast or an interesting low-budget project (& anything inbetween!):

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